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2-channel Digital-to-analog Converter with SteadyClock FS, Extreme Power Headphone Output, Super Low Noise IEM Output, AutoDark Feature, and Remote Control

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Reference-class Digital-to-analog Conversion


RME’s ADI-2 Pro has become a reference for pro D/A conversion. Now, RME sets its sights on the high-end home audio market with the ADI-2 DAC, which shares the same technology but swaps some of the Pro’s studio-centric features for ones that are deemed essential by hi-fi enthusiasts at Sweetwater. With an adapted feature set and much-simplified operation, the ADI-2 DAC centers on audiophile-grade D/A conversion along with two amazing-sounding outputs for headphones and in-ear monitors; and of course, a remote control! Housed in a compact half-rack form factor, this little gem is packed with the finest high-end electronics, delivering reference-class conversion from SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical (ADAT compatible), and USB to RCA, XLR, TRS, and mini-TRS.


Feature-packed and immensely versatile

The ADI-2 DAC features balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, RME’s Extreme Power headphone output, a Super Low Noise IEM output, proprietary SteadyClock FS technology, a four-stage hardware output level control, DSP-based signal processing, external power supply operation, class-compliant USB compatibility, and sample rates up to 768kHz, as well as DSD and Direct DSD playback for matchless high-resolution sound.

Optimized for in-ear monitors

On top of offering superior headphone listening, the ADI-2 DAC is optimized for IEMs, which have become a popular choice for audiophiles looking for a light alternative to bulky over-the-ear monitors. Since IEMs operate on lower voltages than traditional headphones, the ADI-2 DAC has a dedicated IEM output that provides exceptional sound quality and prevents accidentally destroying the IEM drivers with overly hot signals.


Reliable clocking with jitter-free performance

RME has earned its reputation as an industry leader in digital-to-analog conversion in part because of its SteadyClock technology, which significantly reduces jitter and digital interference for pristine audio quality. SteadyClock FS, the latest iteration of the technology, improves upon previous designs with an updated analog PLL driven by a low phase noise oscillator that lowers jitter below a picosecond, or one trillionth of a second, a range referred to as femtoseconds that is well beyond human perception. It’s as analog as digital can get.


Thoughtfully designed for focused listening

The allure of audiophile-grade componentry is to create an immersive listening experience. And, while quality audio is the essential factor for creating that experience, it is not the only factor. To that end, RME has equipped the ADI-2 DAC with a comprehensive remote control with many of the most commonly used functions, including switching loudness, parametric EQ, and bass/treble on and off. And the extended infrared remote is equipped to control up to four different future RME devices. Another feature that improves the listening experience is the ADI-2 DAC’s AutoDark mode, which was inspired by numerous requests by RME customers. When AutoDark mode is activated, it blacks out lighted elements on the interface, such as function keys, volume knob, and the standby button, after 10 seconds of non-use. So, your environment is free from distracting equipment lights when you want to sink in and focus on the sound.

RME ADI-2 DAC Features:


Specifikacija Type: DA Converter
Channels: 2
A to D: No
D to A: Yes
Sample Rate: 768kHz
Bit Depth: 32-bit
Analog Outputs: 2 x XLR, 1 x Dual RCA Stereo
Digital Inputs: 1 x Coax (S/PDIF), 1 x Optical (S/PDIF, ADAT)
Headphones: 1 x 1/4" (phones), 1 x 1/8" (in-ear)
USB: 1 x Type B
Rack Spaces: Half-rack
Power Source: 9V DC power supply (included)
Height: 2.05"
Depth: 5.9"
Width: 8.5"
Weight: 2.2 lbs.




Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.
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