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Active Vertical 3-way Midfield Monitor with 700W 12″ Woofer, 300W 4″ Midrange, 100W S-ART Folded-ribbon Tweeter, and Custom DSP Engine (each)

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The ADAM Audio S5V is an active vertical 3-way midfield monitor intended for mid-sized and larger control rooms. Despite its relatively compact footprint, the S5V delivers the power and accuracy professional engineers demand of a precision reference-grade monitor; reproducing high-resolution, full-bandwidth audio with stunning clarity. Engineered in Berlin to the strictest tolerances, ADAM’s 3rd-generation S series monitors feature cutting-edge technology, including new Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) woofer and DCH midrange driver designs as well as the S-ART tweeter — an updated, even more precise version of ADAM’s acclaimed accelerated ribbon design. With its astounding, ruler-flat 25Hz–50kHz frequency range, ultra-wide and stable stereo imaging, powerful PWM ICE tri-amplification, and ultra-low distortion, the ADAM Audio S5V provides world-class monitoring you can trust, session after session.

12″ ELE low-frequency driver

The drivers in ADAM Audio’s S series monitor speakers benefit from years of in-house research and development and take advantage of the latest advances in technology and materials science. Newly developed for the S series, ADAM’s Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) bass drivers employ the Symmetrical Magnet Assembly (SMA) to deliver optimized low-frequency reproduction with extended dynamic range and freedom from coloration. The ELE driver incorporates a rigid, yet low-mass honeycomb driver cone; a highly efficient, self-cooling linear magnet assembly; linear suspension and damping systems with a low-loss speaker surround; a vented symmetrical voice coil; and an optimized driver chassis/basket design. The S5V’s 12″ woofer extends response down to 25Hz, making the speaker suitable as a main midfield monitor in control rooms and mastering suites, without the use of a subwoofer.

4″ DCH midrange driver

Featuring a unique hybrid dome/cone one-piece construction designed specifically for the S series by ADAM’s in-house engineers, the S5V’s 4″ DCH MF driver handles the critical midrange region with extreme precision, allowing you to easily place vocals and instruments in the stereo field, confident that your mix will translate to the world outside your studio. Combining the best attributes of both cone and dome drivers, the DCH midrange is both sweet and highly detailed, letting you work over long periods without listening fatigue.

The S-ART folded-ribbon tweeter

Instead of producing sound with a piston-like diaphragm like most loudspeakers, ADAM Audio’s S-ART folded-ribbon tweeter uses a pleated diaphragm capable of moving air four times faster than the folds themselves are moving. Handcrafted to the tightest tolerances, the S-ART tweeter delivers breathtaking highs up to 50kHz and enriches the soundfield with stunning detail, faithfully conveying every nuance of the source material. Being handcrafted and meticulously tested in the ADAM’s Berlin laboratories, the S-ART high-frequency driver is a rare exception in these days of automated mass production.

Proprietary waveguide technology

Both the DCH midrange driver and the S-ART tweeter benefit from ADAM Audio’s proprietary waveguide technology, which increased the accuracy of the drivers’ off-axis responses. Milled from solid aluminum, the newly developed Midrange and High-frequency Propagation Systems (MPS and HPS) help deliver stable, wide-ranging dispersion that makes it possible for production teams of two or more people to work in the stereo or multi-channel sweet spot simultaneously — a common occurrence in larger control rooms.

Custom DSP engine for linear response

Utilizing the latest SHARC processing technology, the S series’ custom DSP optimizes the system’s loudspeaker crossovers to deliver linear response over the entire frequency range and provides user sound-tailoring EQ as well as room tuning and voicing functionality. The DSP also handles limiter-based high-frequency driver protection, processes the signals from the AES3 digital inputs, and allows for various expansion options. Software updates can be executed easily via the system’s USB port, which also allows you to connect to computers and control DSP functions via software.

Authoritative ICE Power

With decades of experience in designing professional sound systems for recording and broadcast studios and venues of all sizes, Sweetwater understands that under-powering is never an option. Serious reference monitors such as the S5V need authoritative power, and ADAM Audio obliges with a powerful proprietary 1,100-watt PWM ICE Power tri-amplification system. A 700W Class D amplifier drives the S5V’s bass unit, with additional 300W and 100W Class D amps dedicated to the DCH midrange and S-ART treble drivers, respectively. Combining the no-compromise precision of ADAM Audio’s custom drivers with the company’s custom amplification, the S5V is a reference monitor designed for discerning audio professionals and mission-critical applications.

Designed without compromise

S series monitors were designed without compromise to be high-precision professional reference monitors that flawlessly reproduce any signal presented to their inputs. You can expect outstanding transparency, dynamic response, and flexibility in placement and operation — and an open, natural, and non-fatiguing sonic presentation that will continue to please your ears and allow you to effortlessly make wise decisions throughout lengthy recording and mixing sessions. ADAM Audio’s substantial cabinet construction is scientifically designed to minimize undesirable vibrations and their attendant coloration, while its rounded edges reduce diffraction distortion. Generous mathematically sculpted bass reflex ports on the front baffle help deliver bass reproduction with very low compression and allow positioning close to walls.

ADAM Audio: elevating the state of the art

From its 1999 launch in Berlin, ADAM Audio has built a solid reputation among the pro audio cognoscente. A superior speaker system has superior components, and this is one area where the company has a distinct edge. With years of R&D behind each proprietary driver, ADAM Audio’s custom driver technology expresses itself in breakthroughs such as their X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter, which is based on a groundbreaking 1960s invention, the Heil Air Motion Transformer — and in fact, was the main impetus for the formation of ADAM Audio. The X-ART tweeter became the key to ADAM’s signature transparent, high-definition sound; and the core development of ADAM’s proprietary designs going forward.

Constantly improving their proprietary technologies, ADAM Audio’s new S-ART tweeter and DCH midrange driver are designed and manufactured to even tighter tolerances than their predecessors, with higher efficiency and extended frequency ranges. Another enhancement is the newly developed, solid aluminum HPS and MPS waveguides, which improve dispersion consistency and stabilize imaging over a broader area.

Embracing, exploiting, and working with modern materials has allowed ADAM Audio to formulate loudspeaker components that continually elevate the state of the art in studio monitor design. Materials such as rare-earth magnets and high-strength diaphragm foils have increased reliability, enhanced performance, and made possible new driver geometry. As compared with conventional driver technology, Adam drivers deliver optimized radiation characteristics, lower distortion, and higher efficiency. Along with installations in a growing number of top studios, ADAM Audio’s monitor range has garnered rave reviews from audio experts and recording engineers worldwide. If you’re considering an upgrade to world-class monitoring, you’ll be in good company with ADAM Audio monitors.




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Adam S5v
Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.
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