AKG K240 Studio


Professional Semi-open, Circumaural Studio Headphones

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These Headphones Define the Studio Standard!

Reliable, comfortable, and totally accurate, it’s no wonder AKG K240 Studio headphones have been the top choice of professional engineers and musicians for over 20 years. Their unique semi-open design and highly efficient transducers provide you with extremely wide dynamic range, breathtaking detail, and phenomenal sensitivity. That’s why Sweetwater Sales Engineers have always been quick to recommend K240 Studio headphones, especially when it comes to critical listening and mixing. Whether you’re in the engineer’s chair or on the other side of the glass, we’re sure you’re going to love the sound, feel, and performance of AKG’s K240 Studio headphones.


Specifikacija • Studio Stereo Headphones
• Circumaural
• Semi open
• Dynamic
• Play through new XXL capsule
• Impedance: 55 Ω
• Frequency range: 15 - 25,000 Hz
• Sensitivity: 91 dB / mW
• Total harmonic distortion <0,3 %
• Max. input level: 200 mW
• Automatic headband adjustment for perfect fit
• Cable on one side for convenience
• Detachable cable with mini XLR connector
• Cable length: 3m
• Gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jack
• Weight with cable: 284 g
• Weight without cable: 229 g
• 6.3 mm jack adaptor included




AKG K240 Studio
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