ASM HyadraSynth Desktop

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The ASM Hydrasynth Desktop is an 8-Voice Digital Desktop Synthesizer with Wave-Morphing Synthesis. The enormous variety of functions paired with the first-class sound is evidence of the many years of experience of the development team. With the 24x Velocity-Sensitive Pads, you have direct access to further parameters in addition to note input, such as tone scales. The user interface has been designed with minimal menu work (paging) in mind, and functions are located a keystroke away. 8x illuminated Encoders and a large OLED Screen provide adequate access to all parameters and an optimal overview.

The Chord Function and the programmable Arpeggiator, provide 2x very powerful creative tools to work out your ideas on stage and in the studio. The Hydrasynth comes with 2x Pre-Set Banks of 128x Sounds each; 5x Banks with a total capacity of 640x Sounds available.

5x Analogue Outputs for CV, Gate, Clock and 2x definable controllers make this Synthesizer the control centre of a connected Modular System. In order for the Synth to benefit from Control Voltages, 2x CV Inputs have been implemented that sample into the high audio range. Gate Out and “Maths” in, assigning this to the Cut-Off in the modulation matrix; there are no limits to creativity.


Specifikacija 5U 8-Voice Desktop/Rack Synthesizer
3x Oscillators
4x Effect Processors
24x Pressure Sensitive PolyTouch Pads
219x Waveforms
640x Sounds
CV/Gate Inputs & Outputs
5x Banks of 128x Patch Memories
Ring Modulator
Noise Generator
MIDI In/Out/Thru
USB Port
Metal Chassis with Aluminium Side Panels
Dimensions (WxDxH): 440 x 223 x 70mm
Weight: 3.6kg
Finish: Black




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