Austrian Audio Hi-X15

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Professional Closed-back Over-ear Headphones with Proprietary High-excursion 44mm Drivers, Detachable Cable, and Adapter Plug

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Custom Drivers for Maximum Sonic Accuracy

Austrian Audio Hi-X15 closed-back headphones leverage over 300 years of combined engineering expertise to bring you a new level of sound quality and comfort at an affordable price. They’re equipped with proprietary long-excursion drivers for a truly transparent representation of your music, even with bass-heavy modern mixes. Soft memory foam earpads keep you comfortable over long listening sessions, while durable metal components ensure a long lifespan. Whether you’re mixing music, practicing your instrument, or listening casually, it’s hard to beat the value you’ll find in Austrian Audio Hi-X15 headphones.

Proprietary high-excursion drivers for mixes that translate

Designed for modern music production, Austrian Audio’s line of professional Hi-X (High Excursion) headphones do not use OEM drivers, as many headphones on the market do. The proprietary high-excursion drivers in the Hi-X15 are custom designed and purpose built for the Hi-X range to yield superior performance in the context of a cohesive sound-delivery system. This meticulous engineering results in what-you-hear-is-what-you-get fidelity that you can trust to make critical decisions about your recordings.

Outstanding comfort over long sessions

The Hi-X15 is notable for what you don’t get: discomfort. Austrian Audio used soft, slow-retention memory foam for the earpads to give you cushy comfort even during long listening sessions. And because they effectively banished distortion from the design, you can monitor through the night without a hint of listening fatigue. Sweetwater PSA: of course, intensive concentration for hours on end is counterproductive in the long run. Just because you can work for 10 hours straight doesn’t mean you should, so by all means, take breaks — and do watch those listening levels!

Austrian Audio: the new Vienna classics

Carrying on the rich legacy of high-end Viennese transducer and microphone design into the modern era, Austrian Audio is driven by an engineering team with over 300 years of combined experience. Their motto: “Making Passion Heard.” Their mission: to design and manufacture a new generation of recording tools that embrace cutting-edge technologies and sonic excellence while honoring Vienna’s rich musical heritage. That vision is realized in Austrian Audio’s proprietary handcrafted CKR12 large-diaphragm capsule, which is used in the company’s excellent OC18 and OC818 condenser microphones. Sweetwater is proud to bring you Austrian Audio’s distinguished lineup of fine musical products.

Austrian Audio Hi-X15 Professional Closed-back Over-ear Headphones Features:

  • Designed for modern music production
  • Proprietary high-excursion drivers minimize low-frequency distortion
  • Detachable cable for compact portability, damage resistance, and replaceability
  • All-metal hinges and bow for maximum durability
  • Foldable construction for maximum portability and easy storage
  • Soft, slow-retention memory foam earpads for comfort during marathon sessions
  • Frequency response: 5Hz–8kHz
  • Includes detachable cable and 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter


Specifikacija Type: Wired
Open/Closed: Closed
Fit Style: Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Driver Size: 44mm
Frequency Response: 12Hz-24kHz
Impedance: 25 ohms
Connectivity: 1/8" plug, 1/4" adapter
Cable Type: Straight
Cable Length: 4.5 ft.
Detachable Cable: Yes
Features: Swivel Earcup
Foldable: Yes
Color: Black
Material: Slow-retention Memory Foam Earpads
Weight: 0.56 lbs.



Austrian Audio

Nakon što su AKG vrata u Beču zatvorena, odlučeno je da se pokrene nešto novo, nešto izazovno i vjerno zaostavštini umjeća stvaranja u audio svijetu. Vrata su nanovo otvorena u julu 2017. i nastao je Austrian Audio. Naoružani iskustvom i ekspertizom bivših AKG radnika iz polja menadžmenta, akustike, elektronike, testiranja i mjerenja, mehaničkog dizajna, bežičnog prenosa i softvera, Austrian Audio stvaraju izuzetne proizvode bez premca. Strast koja se može čuti!
Austrian Audio Hi-X15 profesionalne monitoring slušalice :: Artist d.o.o. Banja Luka, SarajevoAustrian Audio Hi-X15
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Достапно по нарачка

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