Blackstar Debut 50r Black



Blackstar’s Debut 50R is a 1 x 12-inch combo that harkens back to the early pre-modeling days of solid-state amplification, boasting a digital-free design and no-nonsense control scheme for instant plug-and-play functionality. The Debut 50R’s 12-inch custom-designed Blackstar speaker, all-analog design, and built-in 2-mode reverb produce shimmering full-range clean tones. However, a swift swap into the MOSFET-enabled overdrive channel unlocks raw, rich, and saturated dirty tones to rival even the most renowned tube amplifiers. What’s more, the Debut 50R comes equipped with a host of utility features, including a line-in for jamming along to practice tracks, a speaker-emulated line-out for silent recording/practice, and power scaling down to five watts to reduce your volume to conversation levels without comprising on your tone. It all adds up to a superior sonic tool that’s all but guaranteed to raise the level of your practice, performance, or recording game!

MOSFET preamp for hot tube-style tones

For players who prefer the lush, warm sound of a clean electric guitar, solid state can often serve as a superior solution — it’s long been the de-facto standard in many jazz guitar circles for a reason. However, replicating the raw, dynamic feel of a front-loaded tube amplifier has historically proved difficult for amplifiers without a set of glowing glass tucked away inside the cabinet. Thankfully, the Blackstar Debut 50R offers the best of both worlds, sporting a 2-channel design with a built-in MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) preamp that produces dirty tones nearly indistinguishable from a traditional tube amp. Simply swap to the overdrive channel to access rich, saturated tube-style dirt tones that beautifully replicate the feel and touch-sensitive response of the world’s most iconic tube amplifiers!

Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) dials in your drive tones

The all-analog Blackstar Debut 50R packs a massive spread of tones by virtue of its Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). When turned fully counterclockwise, you’ll lend an American characteristic to your voice, with a tight bottom end and aggressive middle range. Turned all the way to the right, you’ll enjoy more of a British vibe with a woodier sound that’s less aggressive. However you dial in the Debut 50R, you’ll enjoy a musical response that commands attention.

Speaker-emulated output

The Blackstar Debut 50R’s speaker-emulated output delivers the sound of a miked-up cabinet, even with the volume down. Connect to your audio interface or a PA system and enjoy great tone. It also produces inspiring sounds when you wear headphones, which is great for late-night practice and tracking.





Grupa gitarskih eksperata i entuzijasta koji su se 2004. godine okupili oko iste ideje, već su imali decenije zajedničkog iskustva u dizajnu pojačala na najvišem nivou. Uslijedilo je intenzivno tehničko istraživanje u dvorišnoj kući u Northamptonu u Engleskoj i 2007. na muzičkom sajmu u Frankfurtu predstavljen je Blackstar.  Prateći parolu "zvuk u vašoj glavi" Blackstar su uspjeli da naprave uspješne serije pojačala koje već preko deceniju perfektno služe gitariste širom svijeta u sve i jednom mogućem muzičkom žanru. Lampaši za velike bine, za studio, modeling pojačala, pojačala za vježbanje, za akustične instrumente sa zvučnim kartama ... Blackstar misli na sve.
Blackstar Debut 50r Black
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