EBS MultiComp Blue Label

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Multiband Compressor Pedal for Bass, with 3 Compression Modes


A multiband compressor pedal that’s easy to dial in! The EBS MultiComp Blue Label pedal delivers studio-quality multiband compression for your bass pedalboard, and it’s simple enough that you can make it sound great even in the middle of a gig. Adjust the Sensitivity control until the MultiComp Blue Label starts grabbing your signal (indicated by the LED), then adjust the Comp control for just the right amount of girth and dynamic control. Use the Gain control to make up the lost volume due to the compression, or bump it up further to add some harmonic grit to your tone. Complete with three selectable compression modes with distinct sonic characteristics and an internal trim pot to fine-tune how it responds to your playing style, the EBS MultiComp Blue Label multiband compressor pedal is highly recommended by Sweetwater to any tone-savvy bass player.

Why multiband compression is awesome

If you’ve ever played your bass through a compressor, then you know that it’s the perfect way to fatten up your tone while giving you full control over your instrument’s dynamic range. Multiband compression is even more versatile, as it separates your bass signal into lows and highs and compresses each separately. If you’re slapping and popping, then those highs are compressed without making your low end sound as if it’s pumping in and out. And when you hit a booming low note, the low band fattens and evens out your sound without choking out your highs. To give you maximum control over how the MultiComp Blue Label compressor reacts to your instrument and your playing style, an internal trim control allows you to fine-tune the balance in sensitivity between the high and low bands.

EBS MultiComp Blue Label Multiband Compressor Pedal Features:

  • Analog multiband compressor pedal for bass
  • Tubesim, Multiband, and Normal modes each offer a distinct sonic signature
  • Gain control can make up lost volume due to compression or add extra gain for harmonic bite
  • Active/Passive switch optimizes performance for different basses, or for use in your amp’s effects loop
  • Perfect for controlling dynamics and fattening tone without choking out punch and nuance
  • Internal trim pot balances the sensitivity of the 2 compression bands
  • Powered by 9–18-volt DC power supply (sold separately)


Specifikacija EBS MultiComp Blue Label

• Nominal Input Level: -10 or -4 dBv
• Input Impedance: 1.8 Mohms
• Bandwidth +0/-3 dB: 20 - 20k Hz
• Gain Range: 0 - 15 dB (makeup)
• Compressor Ratio min/max: 1:1 - 5:1
• Sensitivity Range (Threshold): -25 - +6 dB
• Attack Time (80%): <10 ms
• Release Time (80%): typ. 100 ms

• Dimensions W x H x D: 2.6” x 4.5” x 1.9” (67 x 115 x 48 mm)
• Weight: 315g (0.7 lb.)
• Type: Analog Effect, Relay type Switching
• Power Requirements: 9, 12 or 18 V DC, 45 mA max.
• Pedal shuts off below 6.0 V




EBS MultiComp Blue Label
Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.
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