Focusrite Rednet A16R MkII

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16-in/16-out Dante Network Interface with Network and Power Supply Redundancy

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Focusrite’s RedNet A16R MkII audio network interface connects to your facility’s network with a single Ethernet cable. And it sounds superb, thanks to top-shelf AD/DA conversion, premium analog circuitry, and jitter-eliminating JetPLL technology — you’ll enjoy amazingly low latency too. Capture world class audio with 119dB of dynamic range at 24-bit/192kHz. Enjoy the robust connectivity supplied by 16 channels of analog I/O and the expandable power of Dante audio networking. The Focusrite RedNet A16R MkII audio network interface also boasts network and power supply redundancy for mission-critical applications.

RedNet delivers superb audio quality over Ethernet RedNet is ideal in any environment where pristine audio and extremely low latency over a network are required. Scalable and versatile, RedNet harnesses the simplicity of Ethernet to build audio network systems that range from a small facility with one or two recording spaces to moderate-sized facilities to large studios with multiple recording spaces and control rooms. RedNet is also great for live performance venues such as concert halls, houses of worship, or large spaces like arenas and stadiums.

Dante provides an easy way to deliver digital audio

RedNet uses the Dante protocol to connect to your studio network. Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) transmits uncompressed, multichannel digital audio over a standard Ethernet with incredibly low latency. Using Dante is incredibly convenient. Instead of dealing with a bunch of cumbersome analog cables, you use a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable. Rather than running analog cable throughout a studio or concert venue, you can utilize the structure’s existing Ethernet network. And your interface can be anywhere in the facility. As long as it’s connected to the network, you’re good to go. Patching and routing are handled by a simple software panel, which can be hosted on any computer or device connected to the network.

RedNet Control software is flexible and easy to use

Ideal for larger studios or facilities, RedNet’s Control software makes simple work of routing, controlling, and configuring interfaces. Numerous functions of a RedNet system can be set including preamp gain, reference level, clock source, preferred master clock, sample rate, and much more. Run it on your main control room computer or your laptop to move around the facility. Anywhere there is an Ethernet connection, you can be in control of the network.



Specifikacija Type: Dante Audio Interface
Form Factor: Rackmount
Simultaneous I/O: 16 x 16
A/D Resolution: Up to 24-bit/192kHz
Analog Inputs: 2 x DB-25
Analog Outputs: 2 x DB-25
Digital Inputs: 1 x XLR (AES3)
Digital Outputs: 1 x XLR (AES3)
Data I/O: 2 x Ethernet (Dante)
Network: Dante, RedNet
Clock I/O: 2 x BNC (1 x word clock)
Software: RedNet Control
OS Requirements - Mac: OS X 10.9.5 or later
OS Requirements - PC: Windows 7 SP1 or later
Rack Spaces: 1U
Power Supply: 2 x Standard IEC AC cables
Height: 1.71"
Width: 18.98"
Depth: 12.80"
Weight: 11.1 lbs.




Focusrite Rednet A16R MkII
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Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.

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