Hammond SKX Pro

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2 x 61-key Virtual Tonewheel Organ Keyboard with Organ, Piano/Ensemble, and Mono Synth Voices, Digital Leslie, Overdrive, and DSP Multi-effects

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It’s synonymous with the classic tonewheel organs such as the B3 that played an outsized role in the music revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. In the digital era, Hammond assumed a leadership role in developing cutting-edge “clonewheel” organs that deliver those legendary organ sounds, along with all the other essential keyboard instruments you need for any gig or recording session. The SKX Pro is a portable dual-manual instrument that represents the latest generation of organ-focused, do-it-all keyboards from Hammond. Loaded with higher-resolution samples than previous SKX series instruments and equipped with four robust sound engines that can be deployed individually or in any combination, the Hammond SKX Pro ups the ante for breathtaking sonic realism.

Definitive drawbar organs

As a genuine Hammond, the SKX Pro is, of course, going to have the state-of-the-art in authentic organ sounds. These come courtesy of its newly developed drawbar organ section, which is derived from Hammond’s flagship XK-5. The SKX Pro’s industry-standard Hammond tone is produced by the powerful modeled tone wheel 1 (MTW1) sound engine, complemented by a special system that emulates the matching transformer of a vintage Hammond. Plus, a newly developed virtual multi-contact function replicates the keyboard performance of those coveted models. This modern technology closely follows Hammond’s original design, but it’s executed in the digital realm while still providing all the unique sonic characteristics and imperfections that have come to define the classic Hammond sound. In the factory, the SKX Pro is set to the same tolerances the B-3 was during its production run, but digital controls — including the touch-response percussion found on vintage Hammonds — allow you to sculpt nearly every aspect of your sound.

Next-generation digital Leslie

The SKX Pro houses Hammond’s next-generation onboard digital Leslie, which features deeper authenticity, including rotor airflow, to faithfully reproduce the Leslie cabinet’s unique tone and 3-dimensional swirling effect. A new tube modeling system provides characteristic tube warmth and gritty growl when driven hard.

Classic transistor combos and pipe organs

Beyond the tonewheel, Hammond’s wave composition system adds vintage Italian, British, and Japanese transistor combo organ voices, which have come back into vogue in a big way. In addition, the SKX Pro offers a full range of pipe organ voices — including a brand-new selection of theater pipe organs. No matter the genre, the SKX Pro is ready to ace the gig.

The piano/ensemble engine

The SKX Pro also features an improved piano/ensemble engine with a wide variety of keyboard and other instruments, including acoustic and electric pianos, brass, reeds, strings, choirs, and percussion. The high-resolution samples of the world’s leading acoustic grand pianos are noteworthy, particularly the stunning new “S” sample of a legendary European concert grand. And for the first time in an SK series keyboard, all piano/ensemble voices can be fully edited. Sample choice, EG (envelope generator), Filter, LFO, and other parameters are now under your control and can be saved in a patch. A total of 162 high-definition digital voices (with upgraded resolution compared to previous SK models) provide a broad variety of tonal possibilities. All voices (many new to the SK line) have been carefully curated for their usefulness in real-world musical settings. Onstage, you’ll appreciate the 12 category buttons that allow effortless, instantaneous sound selection, and Hammond’s proprietary ProChord feature (available on many voices) that lets you produce complex harmonies by playing a single-note melody while playing chords with your left hand.

The mono synth engine

The SK Pro packs a beastly physical-modeling synthesizer that faithfully reproduces the sounds of classic analog mono synthesizers. The mono synth engine offers six different oscillator configurations, as well as controls for filter and amplitude, allowing you to create and tweak your sounds in real time, just as on a vintage analog synth.

Powerful onboard DSP effects

The SKX Pro is equipped with a powerful onboard DSP fffects engine. Each of the SKX Pro’s four voice sections can be assigned overdrive and two types of comprehensive DSP multi-effects. Overdrive flavors include tube, solid-state, clip, and EP amp; and the two multi-effects engines offer tremolo, wah, ring modulator, compressor, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, and auto pan.

Combinations and favorites

The SKX Pro introduces combinations to the SK series, which allow you to prepare patches from any or all of its four tonal sections, along with your desired performance parameters. You can also assign external MIDI instruments to these combinations. Combinations set you up for each performance and can be changed in an instant. In conjunction with the four allocation buttons in the center of the keyboard, you can call up any part of a combination in real time, giving you the equivalent of four discrete keyboard instruments. In all, 200 combinations are available (100 factory, 100 user). For instant access, any 10 of these may be assigned to the favorites buttons (as on previous SK models). The role of the favorites has been expanded to include 10 banks of favorites, easily called up with a single key stroke.





Hammond SKX Pro
Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.

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