1,000W Powered Subwoofer with Dual 6.5″ LF Drivers, Low-noise Port Tube, Selectable Crossover Modes, Polarity Inversion, Footswitch Jack, and Limiter Circuit

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Do your mixes sound great in your studio but like mud on large, full-range systems? If so, you need a subwoofer like the Kali Audio WS-6.2. This powered sub boasts 1,000 watts, a 27Hz–200Hz frequency response, and a 120dB maximum SPL, giving it enough volume to handle any situation and enough low-end extension to faithfully reproduce your mix’s low-frequency content. The WS-6.2 comes loaded with dual horizontally opposed, 6.5-inch, high-excursion woofers, and — like other Kali Audio speakers — its low-noise port tube yields clean, punchy bass. This subwoofer is incredibly versatile, thanks to selectable crossover modes, polarity inversion, and volume adjustment. A rear-panel jack enables you to use a third-party footswitch to bypass the subwoofer — a must-have for studio applications. You also get a built-in limiter circuit to safeguard against excessive levels. The WS-6.2 is small enough to fit anywhere yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of the road. Whether you need to mix low-frequency content or want to add punch to your setup, Kali’s WS-6.2 will deliver the performance you demand.

Enough output and bandwidth to tackle any situation

The WS-6.2 unveils every detail of your mix’s low end, all the way down to 27Hz at -10dB. This powered subwoofer tackles bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop like a champ while flawlessly reproducing the super-low-frequency content inherent in film soundtracks. Packing 1,000 watts and dual horizontally opposed, 6.5-inch, high-excursion woofers, the WS-6.2 delivers impressive output with zero net vibration. At Sweetwater, we appreciate the WS-6.2’s built-in limiter circuit, which protects the sub from unsafe voltage levels.

Low-noise port tube exhibits clean, punchy low end

One of the Kali Audio WS-6.2’s most novel features is its low-noise port tube. Many port tubes emit turbulence as air leaves the tube at different speeds from different points of the opening. This turbulence produces chuffing — a noisy sound obscuring your mix’s low-end details. On the other hand, the WS-6.2’s port tube ensures that all of the air exits at the same velocity. The result is clean, punchy bass with zero added noise.

Robust configuration options cover a myriad of applications

Thanks to its robust configuration options, you can use the WS-6.2 for myriad applications. Its selectable crossover includes 80Hz, LFE, and external crossover settings. You can also invert the subwoofer’s polarity. To top it off, a rear-panel jack enables you to use a third-party footswitch to bypass the subwoofer — a must-have feature in the studio.


Specifikacija Powered: Yes
Speaker Size: 2 x 6.5" Woofers
Total Power : 400W RMS , 1000W Peak
Frequency Range: 31.5Hz-180kHz (±3dB)
Frequency Response: 27Hz-200Hz (-10dB)
Maximum Peak SPL: 120dB SPL
Input Types: 2 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x Dual RCA Stereo
Output Types: 2 x XLR
Other I/O: 1 x 1/4" (footswitch)
Enclosure Type: Front Ported
Height: 14.5"
Width: 12.25"
Depth: 11"
Weight: 35 lbs.



Kali Audio

Kali Audio startali su u januaru 2018. godine kao grupa najstrastvenijih pojedinaca u svijetu profesionalne audio industrije. Sa inženjerstvom u prvom planu, u Kali Audio žele napraviti zvučnike i srodne studijske proizvode koji kupcima predstavljaju najbolju moguću vrijednost. Posvećujući vrijeme i resurse istraživanju i razvoju, uz malo napornog rada, nude proizvode visokih performansi koji odgovaraju bilo kojem budžetu.

Достапно по нарачка

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