Kawai CN-201 WH


Digital Piano. 88 Weighted keys with hammer action (Responsive Hammer III); 19 Sounds; 192 Polyphonic voices; OLED display

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The CN-201 features a keyboard with a pleasant, light touch and a very realistic response thanks to the Responsive Hammer III technology. The warm piano sound is sampled from the Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano.

Responsive Hammer III Keyboard with Ivory Touch

The CN-201 features the Responsive Hammer III keyboard, with 88 graduated weighted keys. The keyboard is equipped with an escapement (let-off) mechanism, like a real acoustic piano. Thanks to the precise 3-sensor technology, pianists can expect a very natural playing feel. In addition, this model features Ivory Touch key surfaces, which support piano playing and absorb perspiration from the fingers.

Grand Feel pedal system

The CN-201 is equipped with the Grand Feel pedal system. In this system developed by Kawai, the resistance when using the three pedals (sustain, soft and sostenuto) corresponds to the playing feel of the pedals of a Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano. The correct placement of the pedals was also taken into account.

Shigeru Kawai samples & Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology (PHI)

The CN-201 features beautifully updated samples of the world-famous Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano, which is played in many concert halls around the world and is often selected by professional pianists. Using Kawai’s Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology, the sounds of all 88 keys are reproduced very faithfully and accurately. By recording each key separately in this way, the character of the acoustic grand piano is particularly well preserved.

In addition to 8 acoustic piano sounds, the CN-201 also offers a selection of other instrumental sounds, including electric pianos, organs, strings, acoustic and electric bass, and vibraphone.

Thanks to Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) technology, the sound reproduction through headphones is more realistic and spacious.

Premium Speaker System and Low Volume Balance Function

The CN-201’s stereo speaker system delivers a total amplification of 40W, spread across 2 speakers, filling the room very nicely with the warm Kawai sounds. The Low Volume Balance function intelligently adjusts the touch of the keyboard and the sound of the piano at a reduced volume.

Bluetooth MIDI and Audio connectivity

The CN-201 features integrated Bluetooth MIDI and audio technologies that allow the instrument to communicate wirelessly with supported smart devices. By connecting the instrument to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can therefore use a wide range of interactive apps or stream audio from e.g. YouTube or Spotify. You can also connect to Kawai’s PianoRemote app, which allows you to adjust settings or sounds of the instrument via a user-friendly interface. The CN-201 is also compatible with the PiaBookPlayer app, which allows you to view and listen to scores of many classical performances through the instrument’s speakers.





Kawai CN-201 WH

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