Kawai ES-920 W


88-key Digital Stage Piano with Responsive Hammer III Action, 256-note Polyphony, Bluetooth Audio/MIDI, MIDI I/O, Dual and Split Modes, 34 Sounds, and Onboard Stereo Speaker System – White


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Thanks to the thrilling realism of its premium sounds and Responsive Hammer III keyboard action, the Kawai ES920 is an ideal digital piano for home, stage, and studio. Equipped with a powerful stereo speaker system, the Kawai ES920 sings with exceptional clarity and richness. Under the hood, 236-note polyphony conveys every nuance of your most complex performances. The ES920’s fully weighted keybed offers a grand piano-like feel and response that’s perfect for students, casual players, and experienced pianists alike. Bluetooth Audio and MIDI allow you to stream music directly to the speakers to play along with, as well as empower you to send MIDI to you computer wirelessly for recording your performances. Complete with 38 vibrant instrument sounds — including acoustic and electric pianos, organs, strings, bass, and more — the Kawai ES920 is the perfect way to expand your piano abilities.

Responsive Hammer III keybed for authentic feel and response

Kawai developed their Responsive Hammer III keybed used in the Kawai ES920 to capture the distinctive feel of an acoustic grand piano. Responsive Hammer III action incorporates let-off simulation (also called escapement) that provides the subtle “notch” you feel when you press the keys of a grand piano very softly. A feature of grand pianos not found on uprights, let-off allows you to quickly repeat notes without fully releasing the key. Just as acoustic piano hammers are heavier in the bass and get lighter as you move up toward the treble end of the keyboard, RH III action uses different hammer weights that are graded for each playing range. This fastidious attention to detail gives you maximum stability when playing fortissimo passages, while giving you the delicate pianissimo control you need.

Harmonic Imaging XL technology delivers stunning grand piano sound

Sit down at the Kawai ES920 and play. The stunning piano sound you hear is none other than the meticulously sampled sound of a handcrafted Kawai concert grand piano, with all 88 keys painstakingly recorded and faithfully reproduced using Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL technology. This proprietary process accurately re-creates the immense dynamic range of the grand piano, giving you a truly impressive measure of expressiveness, from ppp to fff. If this were the only sound onboard the ES920, it would be a fabulous value, but there’s a total of 38 amazing sounds, including orchestral strings, electric pianos, organs, vibes, harpsichord, choir, and more.

Authentic tone and touch, advanced features

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity for MIDI and audio streaming, the Kawai ES920 is an excellent practice solution. Connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or computer, and you’re ready to start learning with your favorite music-related apps. You can also stream audio through the ES920’s speakers and play along, without having to connect any additional cables. Packed with the latest cutting-edge technology and informed by Kawai’s 9-plus decades of industry-leading acoustic piano-building expertise, the ES920 combines authentic tone and touch with advanced features in a compelling package that redefines what a modern digital piano can be.





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