Kemper Kabinet

Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.

KEMPER Kabinet

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The Kemper Kabinet 1×12 passive guitar cab faithfully captures the familiar “amp in a room” response of 19 sought-after speaker types firing out of an all-wood cabinet. From modern Vs to vintage Js, players now have more ways than ever to customize the monitored sound of their Profiler’s virtual Stacks and Stomps. The secret is a Celestion-designed Kemper Kone full-range speaker driven by the Profiler’s own baked-in DSP (OS 7+). Because of its extremely linear design, the Kabinet excels at re-creating the frequency and transient responses of any number of player-preferred speakers — enough to cover a dizzying array of musical styles. In the mood to move some air? A high 200-watt handling means the Kone’s tone remains pure even as you push your power amp. And thanks to its light carry weight and stage-friendly 1 x 12″ design, the Kabinet is primed to be the only monitoring solution you need for practice and performance. It all comes decked out in a Kemper Green covering with handsome leather handles and corner protectors.

Note: the passive Kemper Kabinet requires a Kemper PowerHead, a Kemper PowerRack, or an external power amplifier. Contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for our top power amp picks.

19 (and growing) speaker Imprints

Since the Profiler’s inception, guitar players have clamored to capture the “amp in a room” sound of their traditional stacks and combos. And though Kemper’s Pure Cabinet feature has done an exemplary job of bridging the gap between close-miked speakers and hot omnidirectional cabs, Cristoph and co. knew that the elephant in the room that needed to be addressed was the monitoring system itself. Introducing the Kemper Kabinet.

Using your Profiler toaster, rack, or Stage, this 1 x 12″ full-range speaker cab can be imprinted digitally with the sounds and characteristics of 19 sought-after speaker types. Just imagine: the chunk and pucker of a vintage J. The cut and clarity of a modern 30. The punch of a Greenmagnet, the chime of an Alnico — all at your fingertips. We’re talking frequency response, transient attack, and propagation patterns of traditional voice coils, dust caps, and cones, moving real air up to your ears.

12″ Kemper Kone speaker

In order to faithfully re-create these coveted tones, Kemper worked with Celestion to develop an ultra-linear and full-range (50Hz–10kHz) driver. The Kemper Kone’s flat response is able to reproduce the chunky lows, creamy mids, and ear-tickling highs of 19 types of classic speakers, as well as the crystalline highs of an acoustic guitar or an otherwordly progressive metal clean.

Lightweight 1 x 12″ design

Country twang to pummeling metal, the lightweight (~25lbs.) Kemper Kabinet is your one stop for all varieties of essential guitar tones. The secret is Kemper’s Speaker Imprint Technology, which is able to project the character and bass response of a bevy of curated guitar speakers into a real-world guitar cab. The Kabinet’s single 12″ driver keeps weight and size down for a lightweight, low-profile stage traveler. And with its Kemper Green skin job, it’s the perfect complement — visually as well as tonally — for your Kemper Profiler and Profiler Stage.

Double up for stereo surround

If you really want to experience all your Profiler has to offer, run two external amplifiers into two Kabinets for immerse, stage-covering stereo sound. Now that’s luxury!


Specifikacija Configuration: 1 x 12"
Powered: No
Speakers: Celestion-designed Kemper Kone
Power Handling: 200W
Impedance: 4 ohms
Mono/Stereo: Mono
Cabinet Type: Straight
Open/Closed Back: Closed
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (thru)
Frequency Range: 50Hz-10kHz, Full-range Ultra-linear Response
Height: 16.5"
Width: 20.08"
Depth: 9.06"
Weight: 11.2 kg




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