Krk Rokit RP5 G5


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The KRK ROKIT series has reigned as among world’s most trusted studio reference monitors for decades. The Generation Five (G5) iteration seriously ups at ante with three innovative voicing modes, DSP room tuning, and a new driver design that extends the frequency range plus provides enhanced damping and modal breakup control. KRK ROKIT G5 monitors also feature Class D power amplifiers that utilize the famous KRK brickwall limiter and a front-firing port that accurately reproduces low end, in addition to allowing more options for pacing your monitors. To help you set up your listening environment, the KRK ROKIT G5 retains an LCD as well as the ultra-handy KRK App for both iOS and Android. Finally, the KRK ROKIT G5 features an LCD that helps you visualize 25 different graphic EQs — the only monitor in its class with such a feature.

Voicing Modes let you create, mix, and troubleshoot

Three Voicing Modes — Mix, Create, and Focus — provide the flexibility of three monitors in one. First, Mix mode provides you with a flat frequency and phase response for when it’s time to mix and master. Next, Create mode is meant writing and producing music, and it’s also an excellent setting for casual listening. Finally, Focus mode focuses on midrange frequencies so you can precisely correct any “honkiness” in your mixes.

DSP Room Tuning with LCD

While Sweetwater mix engineers champion mixing with your ears and not your eyes, they also know that visual feedback can be handy. That’s why they laud the KRK ROKIT G5’s LCD, which lets you visualize 25 different EQ combinations — the only monitor in its class that utilizes such a feature. In conjunction with the KRK ROKIT G5’s DSP-driven Room Tuning, this functionality helps you deftly address acoustic problems in your listening environment.

Class D amps and front-ported cab

The KRK ROKIT G5 monitors brandish a couple of significant analog features. First, they utilize custom Class D amplifiers that both evenly power the drivers, improve efficiency at reduced temperatures, and work alongside the revered KRK Brick Wall Limiter to achieve and maintain a more balanced sound, wider dynamic range, and protect your system from mishaps. Second, the KRK ROKIT G5’s front-firing port provides you with a more focused bass representation and gives you much more flexibility regarding your monitor placement.





Krk Rokit RP5 G5
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