Mooer Micro Looper MLP1

Original price was: 6,100ден.Current price is: 5,200ден.

Mooer Micro Looper Pedal

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Micro Looper from the Mini Pedal specialist Mooer with 30 minutes recording Like all Mooer stompboxes is the Micro Looper packaged in a space-saving mini housing.

MICRO LOOPER inherits the MINI size of MICRO SERIES. Record, playback, stop, overdub and delete, all these functions can be controlled by one single footswitch. This gives you an easy and direct operation experience. MICRO LOOPER has up to 30 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing times. You can focus on your music and need not to worry about other troubles.

1.True Bypass                   When Micro Looper is in the Bypass status, it would not affect the original signal,which ensures your signal to be clear and lossless.

2.Recording Time          Micro Looper has up to 30 minutes of recording time, enough for you to record down your songs.

3.Unlimited overdubbing times               Micro Looper has no maximum limit for the overdubbing times.

4.High quality sound restoration         Using high quality electronic components which ensure the playback audio signal as clear as the way they are recorded, you will never lose any detail.

5.Mini Size                         Inherit the Mini size of the MICRO SERIES pedals, your pedal board can have more space and therefore you can put more pedals in it.

6.Loop level knob            This little knob can control the volumn of loop. Can’t hear your SOLO? Turn down your volumn a little bit!

7.Easy operation              Stop/Delete/Redo, all these functions are controlled by just one footswitch. 8.Loop saving function

Worry about losing your recordings after you cut off power? No need to worry, MICRO LOOPER will save all the loop recordings data automatically when the power is off. You will never lose your inspiration!



Specifikacija 30 minutes recording time
32 kHz sampling rate
Unlimited overdubbing
Playback without loss of quality compared to the recording
Playback volume on Level controls set
All record / playback functions foot controllable
Automatic and unlimited storage of recordings
Status LED depending on the mode red or blue
Metal Housing
Dimensions (W x D x H): 42 x 93 x 52 mm
Weight: 170 g




Mooer Micro Looper MLP1
Original price was: 6,100ден.Current price is: 5,200ден.

Достапно по нарачка

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