Neumann MT 48

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The Neumann MT 48 is a new 4-in / 8-out audio interface


The Neumann MT 48 is a new 4-in / 8-out audio interface that sets a new benchmark in the industry with 78dB gain available on preamps, a dynamic range of up to 136 dB(A) and ADAT, SPDIF and AES67/RAVENNA expandability.

The Neumann MT 48 interface delivers unrivalled perfection to users’ signal chains and fully translates the quality of Neumann microphones, offering pristine audio not found in other monitors or headphones.

Compared to other audio interfaces, the MT 48 offers four times the resolution with a dynamic range of up to 136 dB(A) and delivers up to 78 dB of gain, making it ideal for use with any microphone, including low-output ribbons. The MT 48 has powerful, ultra-low impedance headphone outputs that perform better than competing devices and external headphone amps.

Ease of use is also an essential factor for users and the MT 48 addresses this by featuring a high-resolution touchscreen with an intuitive user interface. In addition, all settings are made on the device itself, eliminating the need for a controller application on the computer.

Moreover, the MT 48 is a fully featured digital mixing console with a powerful DSP that offers sophisticated EQ and dynamics processing in every channel, plus reverb for inspiring monitor mixes. With four analogue inputs and eight analogue output channels, the MT 48 has everything necessary for personal recording and can be expanded via ADAT / S/PDIF and AES67/RAVENNA to accommodate larger setups.

Designed in collaboration with Merging Technologies, the Neumann MT 48 embodies Neumann’s core values of superior quality and a hassle-free user experience.





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