Novation Flkey 61

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61-key MIDI Controller Keyboard with 16 RGB-backlit Pads, 8 Knobs, 9 Faders, Pitch Bend, Modulation Wheel, Display Screen, 5-pin MIDI Out, 1/4″ Sustain In, USB-B Port, and Bundled Software

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Do you love the power and versatility of FL Studio but prefer a more hands-on approach? The Novation FLkey controller boasts seamless hardware integration with FL Studio’s powerful DAW architecture, yielding the best of both worlds. Each of the controller’s keys and 16 RGB-backlit pads boast velocity sensitivity to capture every nuance of your playing, while the eight assignable knobs and nine customizable faders allow for intuitive editing capabilities. Scale Mode and Chord Mode simplify rapid-fire chord/scale playing on one key — a feature that FL Studio fanatics at Sweetwater find is incredibly powerful as performance and songwriting tools. Plus, direct access to your presets on the FLkey controller reduces your screen diving even further, offering quick switching of your different tones to inject some flair into your playing!

Streamline your creative process

Every facet of Novation’s FLkey controller is purpose-built to streamline your creative process in FL Studio, from the velocity-sensitive keys to the built-in plug-in browsing directly from your keyboard. As much as we love the immense power of modern software’s music-making tools at Sweetwater, it’s hard to match the sheer versatility and immediacy of a physical keyboard, pads, faders, and knobs — the FLkey’s seamless integration into FL Studio’s architecture is sure to unlock your creative potential!

Scale Mode for creative freedom

One of the controller’s most exciting features is its onboard Scale Modes. We all use modes, whether we realize it or not. With the FLkey at your service, you can lay down a smokin’ Mixolydian bass line or rock out a sweet Dorian mode solo without getting bogged down in music theory. (Of course, knowing a little theory never hurt any musician!) Scale Modes transpose the keys you play into notes of the scale you’ve chosen. Just select your root note and the scale you want, and then play. No matter how accomplished a keyboardist you are, the FLkey will expand your musical vocabulary.





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