Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition

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FINAL EDITION – Handmade in Europe

This “Final Edition” series aims to pay homage to Pro-Ject’s past and allow you to own a piece of Pro-Ject history by bringing back some of the turntables they have made over the last 32 years.

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The Original 6.9 Perspective Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems set out in the early 90s to produce minimalistic turntables that prioritized sound quality over features. This was at a time when the CD had already taken hold of the audio playback industry so high-performance, reasonably-priced turntables were somewhat scarce. The Pro-Ject 1 and the Pro-Ject 2 (early iterations of Debut & Xperience) were welcomed additions to a turntable market that mainly consisted of hollow, plastic, mass-produced machines. Pro-Ject’s first turntables did so well it propelled the design of the Pro-Ject 6.9 and 6.9 Perspective- Pro-Ject’s first suspended audiophile-caliber designs.

The heart of the the first Pro-Ject turntables was their combination of the following assets: a one-piece tonearm tube, a heavy platter, an AC motor and a solid plinth with no hollow spaces. There is no doubt that these were effective principles, yet there was more resolution to be had… enter the suspended sub-chassis design.

The Suspended Sub-Chassis Design

The construction is quite simple and effective. The tonearm and the platter are mounted to sub-chassis that floats on springs above the main plinth. This prevents more vibration from reaching the cartridge/stylus that could blur the audio transcription. As a further measure of isolation, an outboard motor is seated in the main plinth, far & away from where the stylus does its work. Approaching isolation from these angles amounts to more open & expansive audio reproduction with keen rhythm & pacing.

Gaining Perspective

We are very happy to be re-introducing this beautiful, nostalgic turntable with tons of Pro-Ject history pumping through its veins. The Perspective Final Edition is limited to 400 pieces and is sold with a personalized owner’s certificate. It pays homage to our past and offers you the opportunity to own a piece of our history. We were able to build the Final Edition much like the original but with upgraded components to ensure the turntable performs to modern standards. We have meticulously crafted this beauty with industry-leading accuracy and attention to detail, adhering to Pro-Ject’s well-established standard of quality. We expect you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

Sumiko MM Cartridge Upgrade Path

The Perspective Final Edition turntable ships with the award-winning Sumiko Rainier moving magnet phono cartridge. The cartridge is mounted & aligned at the factory so all you need do is set the vertical tracking force and anti-skate before playing your records. The Rainier uses the same body as the OlympiaMoonstone & Wellfleet cartridges, so you can upgrade to any of these models with a simple swap of the stylus. The upgrades offer increasingly improved frequency response, channel separation & channel balance as you climb up the line. The improvement is immediate & audible!


Specifikacija Limited Final Edition turntable
Pre-adjusted Sumiko Rainier MM cartridge
9” one-piece carbon fiber tonearm
Precision aluminum platter with TPE damping
Massive transparent acrylic plinth
Sub-chassis with spring suspension
Fully adjustable azimuth & VTA
Height-adjustable metal spike-feet
Electronic speed change (33/45rpm)
Electronic speed regulation
Premium semi-symmetrical phono cable
Gold-plated RCA jacks
Dust cover included
Handmade in Europe




Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition
Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.
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