RME Babyface Pro Fs

Original price was: 58,000ден.Current price is: 52,800ден.

Get RME’s high-end A/D conversion and ultra-stable SteadyClock FS clocking in a desktop USB interface. The Babyface Pro FS handles up to 12 channels of I/O.


The RME Babyface Pro FS is a 12-in/12-out, 192 kHz bus-powered professional USB audio interface. An update to the original RME Babyface Pro, the FS model delivers to 192 kHz sample rates with ADI-2 Pro SteadyClock FS technology. RME’s highly efficient jitter suppression refreshes and cleans up any clock signal.

More Pro-Level Performance with SteadyClock FS

In digital audio, the clock frequency is an essential factor, as it creates the correlation between the audio bits and the time reference. The Babyface Pro FS offers the full SteadyClock FS circuit as in the ADI-2 Pro FS, for the lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity. This helps to optimize recordings and mixes, because the soundstage has more depth and clarity. Hear your mix as it is, with excellent performance in all clock modes and RME’s high-quality conversion. Digital format conversion in RME interfaces is done without any loss or degradation.

Full-Range Capture with Improved Mic & Line Inputs

Two digitally controlled preamps provide individually switchable +48V phantom power. These improved circuits feature a gain range of 76 dB, adjustable in steps of 1 dB, including a relay-driven PAD, resulting in exceptional EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) performance as well as line overload protection, and enough gain for even the lowest-output microphones.

For the main I/O, RME have designed a XLR socket, which integrates seamlessly into the housing and saves space. The comprehensive feature set continues with optical TOSLINK I/O — use it as either an ADAT port with SMUX support or SPDIF for sessions up to 192 kHz.

In combination with an external ADAT converter, the Babyface Pro FS fully supports 12 analog inputs as well as 12 outputs, making it ideal for both live and studio multi-track applications.

You can plug any Hi-Z instrument or line-level source into Babyface Pro’s 1/4″ jack inputs 3 & 4. Record your guitar on the go, with no additional hardware required. MIDI I/O, via an included breakout cable, completes the package.


What Else is New in the Babyface Pro FS?

In addition to FS clocking and updated mic and line inputs, RME added a host of new features to the Babyface Pro FS model. Here’s what’s new:

Output Level Switch: The +19 / +4 dBu switch on the bottom adds a direct way to reduce the output level, thus improves SNR for sensitive active monitors, avoids distortion / overload, and helps to keep TotalMix FX faders near 0 dB instead of high attenuations.

Improved Headphone Outs: The two headphone outputs, offering 1/4″ and 1/8″ sockets in parallel, have completely separate driver stages to perfectly match low and high impedance headphones, guaranteeing pristine sonic results no matter what type of headphone is used. The 1/8″ (3.5 mm) TRS phones output power rises to 90 mW. THD of both phones outputs is improved by up to 10 dB, and uses the same output op-amps as ADI-2 Pro. Finally, the output impedance of the 3.5 mm TRS headphone jack was lowered from 2 Ohms to 0.1 Ohms.

Added Security for Your Babyface: The K-slot can be used with a variety of locking solutions for theft protection.


In the Club, Studio or on the Road — The Perfect Mobile Companion

The RME Babyface Pro FS’s user interface is informative and clearly laid out. It makes access to every feature and configuration mode of the Babyface Pro FS intuitive and easy to use. Even in stand-alone mode, routing and mixing of inputs to outputs directly on the device opens a whole world of possible applications.

With built-in class compliance, no proprietary drivers are required — the device will be directly recognized when the CC mode is activated. The optional available TotalMix FX for iPad adds full control over hardware mixer and lets users create, store and load complete mixes directly from the iPad. The Babyface Pro FS provides the iPad with the professional analog I/O connections it lacks on the go.


Bus-Powered Performance

The RME Babyface Pro’s incredibly efficient design almost never requires an external power supply on your Mac or PC –- it’s perfectly stable on USB 3 bus power, and also most USB 2 ports, with no degradation in any technical specification. This makes it perfect for mobile recording, even with a pair of your favorite condenser microphones. All these improvements were achieved without raising the unit’s power consumption and offers fully bus-powered performance.


Mixing & Routing with TotalMix FX & TotalMix Remote

Like all the latest RME interfaces, the Babyface Pro FS also includes the powerful digital real-time mixer TotalMix FX. It allows fully independent routing and mixing of input and playback channels to all physical outputs. Independent stereo submixes plus a comprehensive Control Room section offer unrivalled monitoring capabilities and unsurpassed routing flexibility. The FPGA-based DSP mixer adds a flexible, 3-band parametric equalizer to all inputs and outputs. Reverb and delay FX are also available.


Babyface Pro — Crafted with Passion

The original Babyface Pro demonstrated RME’s absolute commitment to superior craftsmanship, not only in audio circuits and driver development, but also in mechanics. Created with the highest precision from a block of aluminum, this high-end portable interface incorporated newly designed analog and digital circuits. Its innovative energy saving technologies provided supreme fidelity with no compromises in level, noise or distortion. The FS version picks up where the original left off — adding improved clocking and much more!



– Bus-powered desktop interface with 12×12 total I/O
– 4 x Analog Inputs (2 x XLR Mic/Line, 2 x TRS 1/4″ Line/Instrument)
– 4 x Analog Outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x Phones)
– 1 x ADAT I/O or 1 x SPDIF I/O optical
– TotalMix FX
– USB bus-powered and class-compliant for Mac, PC and iOS devices.
– SteadyClock FS


Specifikacija Computer Connectivity: USB 2.0
Form Factor: Desktop
Simultaneous I/O: 4 x 4 (analog), 8 x 8 (digital)
Number of Preamps: 2 x mic, 2 x instrument
Phantom Power: Yes
A/D Resolution: Up to 24-bit/192kHz
Effects: Reverb, Delay (via TotalMix FX software)
Analog Inputs: 2 x XLR (mic), 2 x 1/4" (Hi-Z/line)
Analog Outputs: 2 x XLR (+4dBu/+19dBu)
Digital Inputs: 1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT, S/PDIF)
Digital Outputs: 1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT, S/PDIF)
Headphones: 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8"
MIDI I/O: In/Out (via breakout cable)
USB: 1 x Type B
Software: RME TotalMix FX, Total Mix Remote (iOS, Mac, PC), Brainworx Plug-ins, Scuffham S-Gear Amp Collection
Compatibility: iOS, Mac, PC
OS Requirements - Mac: OS X 10.9 or later
OS Requirements - PC: Windows XP SP2, Windows 7 SP1 or later
Bus Powered: Yes
Power Supply: 12V DC power supply / USB bus powered
Height: 1.4"
Width: 4.25"
Depth: 7.1"
Weight: 1.5 lbs.




RME Babyface Pro Fs
Original price was: 58,000ден.Current price is: 52,800ден.
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