RME Fireface UFX II

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30-in/30-out, 24-bit/192kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interface with 4 Mic/Instrument Preamps, Direct USB Recording, and ARC USB Remote Integration – Mac/PC


The RME Fireface UFX II USB audio interface comes loaded with premium sound and ample I/O. Top-shelf AD/DA converters, optimized analog circuits, and impressive SNR deliver crystal clear, transparent audio. Incorporate the Fireface UFX II into any production environment, thanks to analog, ADAT, AES, S/PDIF, and USB 2 connectivity. Four pad-free mic circuits yield +18dBu of maximum input level and 75dB of gain to deliver excellent quality in any recording situation. Experience superior monitoring through the Fireface UFX II’s low impedance, high power headphone outputs. And capture audio directly to a thumb drive, courtesy of the Fireface UFX II’s DURec port. Sweetwater understands the desire to find an uncompromising recording interface. With the RME Fireface UFX II, your search is over.

Unrivaled connectivity offers incredible flexibility

The RME Fireface UFX II can handle any audio task that you may encounter, by virtue of its extensive connectivity. Its impressive 60 channels of I/O include 12 analog channels, 16 channels of ADAT, and two channels of AES. Four redesigned pad-free mic preamps deliver +18dB of input level and 75dB of gain. Low impedance Hi-Power headphone outputs serve up a +19dBu maximum output level, injecting it with more than enough output power for any set of headphones, high or low impedance.

DURec enables direct USB recording and playback of 60 channels

Conveniently located on the front of the RME Fireface UFX II is a DURec port. This port enables direct recording and playback of 60 channels of audio to an external thumb drive. RME’s second-generation hardware delivers improved performance, so you enjoy greater reliability — even with slow or multi-partitioned flash drives. Create time-stamped files, courtesy of an internal real-time clock, and enjoy advanced playback functions.

iPad sold separately.

TotalMix FX mixer gives you powerful control over large track counts

The Fireface UFX II provides you with incredible control over inputs, outputs, mix levels, and more, thanks to RME’s TotalMix FX software mixer. Not only do you have unlimited routing of inputs and outputs, you can also split and distribute signals to multiple outputs at a time. TotalMix FX is loaded with effects. At Sweetwater, we’ve used TotalMix FX to create latency-free monitor mixes with EQ, dynamics, reverb, and delay. You also have peak and RMS level metering, which is crucial for managing the gain levels of large numbers of tracks. And the TotalMix FX app for iPad adds full remote control over the Fireface UFX II’s hardware mixer and DSP effects. You can even create, store, and load complete mixes directly from your iPad!

Optional ARC USB remote provides convenient desktop control

RME’s ARC USB remote (sold separately) connects to your computer via USB and provides you with direct control over the Fireface UFX II. The ARC USB fits conveniently on your desktop and has 15 freely assignable and illuminated buttons, one encoder wheel, and a footswitch jack. ARC USB is completely plug and play. As soon as you connect it, TotalMix FX will detect it.





RME Fireface UFX II
Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.
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