Wharfedale Pro Titan-X12


Wharfedale Pro Titan X12 IP54 Passive PA Speaker, Black or White, 250W RMS, 8 Ohms


The Wharfedale Pro Titan X12 is a 12″ Passive PA Speaker perfect for both mobile and fixed audio applications that require a high-quality and reliable audio solution.

The Titan X12 outputs 250W RMS / 1000W Peak ideal for small foreground applications in restaurants, bars, live entertainment venues, dance and gym studios, etc.

The Titan X Series feature a brand new IRIS X design, which delivers Increased coil Radius and Increased electrical Sensitivity. The radius of the coil ensures smooth heat dissipation during prolonged high volume use, while the increased electrical sensitivity ensures that the transducer converts as much electrical power into sound output as possible.

This results higher SPL with less distortion. They lead the market with specifications and are designed and built entirely within Wharfedale Pro.

Thanks to an extremely compact and lightweight design, and integrated carry handles, the Wharfedale Titan 8 is incredibly easy to transport between applications.

The Titan X12 Passive is also suitable for outdoor applications thanks to an IP54 rating.

Installation is made quick and easy thanks to parallel Speakon terminals that allow for easy linking to additional speakers.


Key Features

  • 250W RMS / 500W Program / 1000W Peak
  • 128dB Max SPL
  • 55Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Custom 12″ Heavy-duty moisture-proof LF driver
  • Proprietary 90 x 60 Elliptical Wave Guide Horn design
  • High-end Titanium HF Compression Driver
  • Sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave crossover design
  • Tough, yet lightweight Polypropylene moulded cabinet with rubber padded handles
  • Multiple M6, M8 & M10 rigging points and integral tripod stand adapter
  • Trapezoid shape for arrays as well as stage monitor applications
  • Titan Tourbags available
  • Both 1/4″ and NL4 connectors provided
  • Available in Black and White





Wharfedale Pro Titan-X12
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