Wharfedale Pro TYPHON AX-15 BT

Original price was: 40,900ден.Current price is: 37,900ден.

15″ Bi-amplified active loudspeaker; 1.75″ HF compression driver; 770 w Continuous; 1540 w Peak; 130 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter;  3.0″ LF voice coil


15″,  Plastic Active loudspeakers

Class leading power – blow them away!

Internal 4-position DSP

Custom Wharfedale Pro drivers

Full steel front grill

Multiple handles

Multiple rigging points

Class D Bi-amplified

Bluetooth models with TWS Linking

Custom Wharfedale Pro transducers have been selected for Typhon.

The custom compression driver features a large 1.75” voice coil. This is coupled to a 100° x 80° waveguide for smooth HF dispersion.

The custom Wharfedale Pro LF transducers have a newly designed ferrite core, use flat coil windings to aid cooling, and feature a moisture rejecting cone material which allows Typhon to be used in damp or humid conditions.

In fact…..all Typhon loudspeakers are IP54 Certified

Just like all other Wharfedale Pro plastic active loudspeakers, Typhon uses the largest HF voice coils in their class. All models use a 1.75″ coil HF compression driver.

These custom made Wharfedale Pro compression driver delivers crisp and precise high frequencies, even at extreme volumes.

The internal amplifiers of Typhon have been tuned specifically for the HF and LF drivers that we have chosen. This makes for perfect power and frequency transfer, resulting in the sonic experience that you’d expect from a Wharfedale Pro active loudspeaker.

The Typhon “BT” models feature aptX Bluetooth input connectivity and TWS linking which makes setup with mobile devices simple and cable free.

Simply pair your Bluetooth audio source (such as a smartphone or laptop) with a Typhon “BT” model and thats it! High quality aptX streaming makes connection easy.

Typhon “BT” models however also features a TWS LINK mode. This allows two Typhon “BT’s” to communicate with each other to create a wireless stereo pair.






Wharfedale Pro TYPHON AX-15 BT
Original price was: 40,900ден.Current price is: 37,900ден.
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